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Medial Branch Block:

The treatment is done in a hospital or surgery center. You’ll be asked to fill out some forms, including a consent form.


Getting Ready for Your Treatment

  • Ask your healthcare provider whether you should stop taking any medications before treatment.

  • Tell your healthcare provider if you are pregnant or allergic to any medications.

During the Procedure

You will lie on an exam table on your stomach, back, or side, depending on where the problem joint is.

  • The skin over the treatment site is cleaned and then numbed with medication.

  • Fluoroscopy (x-ray imaging) is used to help your healthcare provider see the spine and guide the treatment. A contrast “dye” may be injected into the affected region to help get a better image.

  • Heat, cold, or chemicals are used to destroy part of the nerve near the inflamed facet joint. Nearby nerves may also be treated.

After the Procedure

Most often, you can go home in about 30 minutes. The treated spot may be swollen and may feel more sore than usual. This is normal and may last for a day or so. It will be a few days before you feel relief from your symptoms.


The pain management nurse will call you in one week to follow-up on your progress.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

  • OMC's Pain Management Clinic:  507.529.6733

  • OMC's Urgent Care/Emergency Room:  507.529.6650


When to Call Your Healthcare Provider:

Call your healthcare provider if you have a fever over 101.0°F, chills, or redness or drainage at the treatment site.

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