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Trigger Point Injection: Your Experience

Most trigger point injections are done in your healthcare provider's office. Your healthcare provider may ask you to stop taking certain medications. 

Once a trigger point is found, it is injected to help relax the muscle and relieve the pain.

During the Procedure

You will sit in a chair or lie on an exam table so your healthcare provider can reach the affected muscle.

  • Your healthcare provider will feel and stretch the muscle to find the exact spot of the trigger point. This may hurt, but will not take long.

  • Once the trigger point is found, it is injected. The injection may contain medication, such as a local anesthetic (which numbs the area). Ask your healthcare provider what kind of medication he or she uses.

  • If you have other trigger points, the process is repeated.

After the Treatment

You can go home soon after treatment. The injection sites may be sore for a day or so.

  • The pain management nurse will phone you in one week to follow-up on your progress.

  • If you have questions or concerns, please contact:

            OMC's Pain Management Clinic:  507.529.6733

            OMC's Urgent Care/Emergency Room:  507.529.6650


When to Call Your Doctor

Call your doctor if you have increased pain, a fever over 101.0°F, chills, or drainage at the treated site.

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