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Occupational Therapy: Bathroom Adaptive Equipment & Home Safety

Becoming more aware of hazards in your home can help make your recovery safer. In the bathroom, aids like a hand held shower and a raised toilet seat can help you stay safe. Don’t forget to watch out for hazards like wet floors or uneven surfaces.

Bathroom Safety




Attached Grab Bar:  The White attached grab bar on the side of the tub can be used to help steady yourself as you sit on the shower stool.

Shower Stool:  The white shower stool will help you conserve energy and prevent a fall in the tub by allowing you to sit to bathe.

Grab Bars:  Grab bars such as the white one in the picture can be used to help steady yourself as you sit down, and get in and out.  See the full bathroom picture below for the correct placement of grab bars that can be installed on the wall of the shower/tub.


The items in this picture are examples of safe adaptive equipment for your bathroom:

Hand-Held Shower:  This will enable you to take a shower while sitting down.

Grab Bar:  The diagonal and vertical grab bars are showing the correct placement. 

Nonslip Bath Mat:  As you get out of the shower/tub, it is important to have a nonslip bath mat to step on.

Shower or bath bench: This bench can help you get in and out of the shower more easily and safer.

Raised Toiled Seat or Commode:  The higher the toilet seat, the easier it will be for you to sit.




This toilet seat riser increases the height of your toilet, thus making it easier to sit.

Home Safety

For your living area, you might want to have furniture rearranged so it’s easier to get around. It is also important to be careful around animals, throw rugs, and items on the floor.




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